Can You Grow Monstera in Water? Easy Tips

Can You Grow Monstera in Water? Easy Tips

Growing plants in a beautiful crystal vase is the dream of every plant lover. Such houseplants give a natural vibe to your house and add to its beauty. If you are a fan of houseplants, then you surely have heard about Monstera Deliciosa. It is the most popular tropical flowering plant originating from Mexico. The long and glossy heart-shaped leaves of this plant make people fall in love with it. That’s why it is majorly grown as a houseplant. But can you grow Monstera in water? Yes, you surely can grow a monstera in an elegant crystal vase in water.

This article provides super easy steps to grow a monstera in water, what are the benefits of propagating a monstera in water, and so on. So let’s get started!

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Is It Possible to Grow Monstera in Water?

Yes, it is certainly possible to grow a Monstera in water. It can grow and propagate in water for quite a long time. The soil, on the other hand, is your greatest bet if you want it to grow bigger.

Also, if you are growing them in water, change the water almost after every week. It will prevent the roots from spoiling or rotting. Moreover, using a fertilizer can enhance the growth of Monstera.

5 Simple Steps to Grow Monstera In Water

Now that you know you can grow monstera in the water, it’s time to learn how to do it yourself. Yes, it is true! With these easy steps, you can grow it even if you are a beginner. Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Find the node on the stem

Node is usually the bump that occurs at the intersection of two stems. Sometimes an aerial root is already coming out of the node.

Take a sharp scissor and cut about 2 inches below the node. Remove any leaves or sheathing near the node.

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Choose a vase

You can choose a vase of any kind. For instance, it can be a ceramic vase or a glass vase. Most people prefer transparent vases as they look more elegant and attractive.

When choosing a vase, the trick is to find a thin-necked vase with a broader base. It will help your plants to stay straight and provide enough room for the roots to grow. But remember that it should not be too narrow; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to take out the plant.

Step 2: Place Monstera in the vase.

Taking a clipping and placing it in the vase. Fill a few inches of the vase with water. Make sure the cutting is not stuck to the vase’s side because it won’t grow well like that. It should instead be hanging in the water. Also, add enough water so that the roots can get covered.

You can also transfer a Monstera from soil to water, but it is way too messy and time-taking. No one wants to do that much struggle, so using cuttings is the best option.

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Step 3: Find a Perfect Spot for Your Monstera

After placing your monstera in a lovely vase, you have to wait for almost 2-3 weeks till it starts growing. Meanwhile, you must ensure that your vase is placed perfectly.

For Monstera, a perfect spot means a place where it can get bright but indirect sunlight. As it is a tropical plant, direct sunlight can cause damage to it. So, make sure it stays in a room filled with bright but indirect sunlight.

Moreover, it needs almost 8-12 hours of sunlight, so the eastern-facing window is known to be the best spot.

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Step 4: Keep an Eye on the Roots

If you want your Monstera to grow healthier, you must look after the roots then. It is not so challenging to take care of the roots. All you have to do is to keep changing the plant’s water once a week. It will prevent root rot and algae growth.

If you do not keep changing the water, it can give a foul smell too. Also, look out for unhealthy roots. But how to know if the roots are not healthy? Here’s the trick, the healthy roots are mostly light greenish and whitish yellow.

But if you see brown or slimy-colored roots, then it’s a sign that they are not healthy. If that is the case, you can eliminate them by cutting them.

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Step 5: Rinse the Roots

Rinsing the roots of plants that are grown in water might seem harsh, but trust me, it is not. If you want a healthy and lush Monstera, then you have to cleanse the roots at least once a month.

You can easily do that by removing the water from the vase and taking out the plant. After taking the kit out, you can thoroughly and gently clean the roots with a sprayer. It will also help you identify unhealthy roots, and you can cut them easily.

After rinsing the roots, fill the vase with clean water and place your plant back in it.

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Benefits of Growing Monstera In Water

At this point, you might be wondering why Monstera is growing in water in the first place. Is it good? The answer is yes. Indeed it comes with so many benefits that people tend to grow Monsters in water. Let’s find out the advantages of increasing Monstera in water:

  • The very first and best benefit of growing Monstera in water is that there is no mess of soil. It means you do not have to put extra effort into cleaning the soil.
  • Secondly, growing plants in water keeps all kinds of bugs and pests. away from them; on the other hand, soil attracts these pests.
  • Also, using water as a growing medium proves to be much cheaper as pot mixings are  way too expensive
  • Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about watering the Monstera. It comes in convenient if you have a busy routine.
  • It also solves the problem of underwatering or overwatering the monstera as the plant will intake water according to its requirement.
  • Lastly, it helps you to keep an eye on the roots and look for damaged roots.


Can You Fertilize the Water-grown Monstera?

Certainly, yes, you can fertilize the water-grown monstera. It is necessary to fertilize your Monstera growing in water because it certainly needs nutrients. Adding a quality liquid fertilizer will enhance the growth of Monstera, and it will also fulfill its nutrient intake.

How Long Can Monstera Stay In the Water?

Well, it all depends on the way you look after your plant. According to my research, Monstera can not grow in the water forever, it can stay, but its size won’t increase.

But if you want to keep it in the water for a longer span, you need to change the water, clean the roots and ensure it is getting enough light. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to grow Monstera in water, this article will surely help you. The steps mentioned above and tips will make it easier for you to grow Monstera in water on your own. Growing houseplants is always fun, but we hope this article will help you and make it a memorable experience.

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