How to Grow Philodendron Indoors?

Are you looking to add a tropical vibe to your house by adding a new plant? If that is the case, then Philodendron is the best fit. Philodendron is a flowering plant of the Araceae plant family, the second largest family of plants. This beautiful plant has extensive sparkling leaves that add to the house’s … Read more

Do Indoor Plants Need Fertilizers?

Fertilizers are an important factor in plant growth. Fertilizers are of two types, organic and synthetic. Sometimes people think that plants only need fertilizers when they are deficient in some nutrient. “Do Indoor Plants Need Fertilizers?” is the question everyone who owns plants asks. So to know the answer, you will have to read this … Read more

Are Calathea And Maranta The Same?

Calathea and Maranta are beautiful indoor plants, but most people get confused between them and assume that they are the same plants. Yes, they have some similarities between them but you can find obvious differences between them too. People often question, “Are Calathea and Maranta the same?” and the answer is no, they are not. … Read more

15 Best Indoor Plants For Winter Season

We all know winter is nearly here, knocking at our doors. Usually, in this weather, the plants wilt and do not bloom well enough until spring starts. Indoor plants can especially feel the effects of changing weather. If you love having plants in your home, you must be looking for some varieties with which you … Read more