The Best Decorative Indoor Planter Options For You

The Best Decorative Indoor Planter Options For You

The trend of Best Decorative Indoor Planter indoors has increased in the last few years, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. With the rise in this trend, the demand for pots and planters in all styles, colors, and designs has also increased. Various beautiful decorative indoor planter options are available in the market that enhances your indoor’s overall outlook. Besides giving a unique aesthetic appeal to your home, these planters ensure the healthy growth of your plants.

If you are confused about which products will suit your indoors, we are here to help. Wood, ceramic, and metal planters are the most commonly used ones in this regard. They also come in variable sizes, so you should pick the one that perfectly fits your place. This article will focus on top decorative indoor planters and their salient features. Thus, you can make a better choice.

Best Decorative Indoor Planter Options:

We have compiled a list of the best available decorative indoor planters for you to buy.

1. Boho Metal Hanging Planters (Pack of 2)

metal hanging decorative indoor planter

If you want a subtle and elegant look to your indoors but do not have enough space, these planters with pots from Eco Joy can make your day. Made of metal, these planters are sturdy and durable. The package includes hooks, metal chains, and extender chains for safe and secure hanging. Moreover, you get two perfect planters at a minimum price of $36.99.

The best thing about these planters is that it comes with a metal chain. The chain alone makes it worthy of buying as with an extension. It becomes so easy to hang the planters at the height of your own choice. So, if you have a high ceiling, you can just drill a hole in the ceiling or any overhead structure and hang these beautiful planters.

The planters also come with a high temperature resistant and anti-rust finish. Hence, these are good for both outdoor and indoor usage. However, the size of the pots is only 6 inches. So, if you wish to use these as cover pots for original plants, then they are not suitable for bigger plants. Moreover, there is no drainage hole if you wish to pot an actual plant directly into the pot.

2. Rustic Stoneware Indoor Planter

stoneware indoor planter

This rustic decorative indoor planter gives a safe home to your plants and adds an aesthetic appeal to your indoors. It is made of pure stoneware with a bronze-colored electroplated finish.

The diameter of this planter is 10 inches, so you can place the heaviest plants in it without the fear of it tripping over. It comes in three unique colors that easily blend with your home indoors. Placing it inside your TV lounge or bedroom gives them a classy and modern touch.

It is suggested to clean it using a soft, damp cloth. Why choose this planter? The pot comes with a drainage hole. You can manage the water intake of your plant by removing excess water through the drainage hole.

3. 6″ Minimalist Oak Wooden Planter

Wood is used to make furniture and other decorative accessories globally. Various types of woods can be used for this purpose, but oak wood remains popular due to its sturdiness and elegance. If you are a wood accessories enthusiast who loves plants, get your hands on this beautiful product by Forêt Vitalité.

Adding this oak wooden decorative indoor planter to your home inspires the visitors to place greenery in their homes. The delicate craftsmanship on pure oak wood gives a classy look to your indoors. The planter can easily accommodate small to medium size plants as it has a diameter of 6 inches with a 5.8 inches height.

It has a mold-resistant finish, so you don’t have to worry about the wood getting porous after spraying water over the plant. However, it doesn’t come with a drainage hole, so you should balance the water intake of your plant.

4. Big Modern Fiberglass Indoor Planter

round fiberglass indoor planter

This simple and classy fiberglass indoor decorative planter is a secure home for your plants. Although it doesn’t come with a drainage hole, you can easily make one at the bottom of the planter using a ¼-inch drill. If you do not want to drill a hole, you can use this incredible planter as a cover pot.

Moreover, there are seven different colors, but white is the most popular. The beautiful white color of the planter lets your fresh green plant stand out, giving a highly organic look to your indoors. It is 22.5″ wide with 18.5″ in height, so place your largest plant in it, and it’ll support its healthy growth.

You can add multiple small plants to get a more colorful look. We also love the weather-light-resistant material of this planter that doesn’t let the planter’s beauty fade away. Slightly wipe with a damp cloth to give it a new look again.

5. Metal Planters for Indoor Plants (Set of 3)

metal planter set of 3

This beautiful set of metal decorative indoor planters gives your living room a glamorous look. The package includes three metal planters with golden metal legs. We love that each planter is different in size so that you can place a variety of plants in them. The diameter for small, medium and large planters are 7.7, 8.4, and 9.7 inches, respectively.

As it’s made of metal, you can use it outdoors, but the heat and sunlight may decolorize the planter. That’s why it stays best inside. You can use it with or without the stand as per your ease and space. The assembly of the stand is straightforward, take the stands and planters out of the package, twist the stand legs at the bottom of the planter, and tighten them. Your favorite metal planters are ready to be used.

6. 19″ Conic Fiberstone Indoor Planter

fiberstone indoor planter

This planter is made of top-notch fiberglass material and has a beautiful design. Besides the high-quality material, this planter has outstanding wooden legs that lift your plant above ground level. As the manufacturing material of the planter is very durable, you can place it outdoor too.

Weather and UV rays don’t affect the quality of fiberglass. However, placing it on your patio or living room makes the guests fall in love with it at first sight. It also has a drainage hole that promotes the healthy growth of plant roots.

Your aloe Vera, pothos, monkey tree, etc., will thrive in this roomy and porous indoor decorative planter. So, don’t wait anymore and give your plants this fantastic and secure place to grow.

7. Seagrass Planter (Pack of 3)

seagrass decorative  indoor planter

These eco-friendly fiber planters are perfect for you if you are looking for something unique that brings a distinct change to your home. Made of natural seagrass and corn skin, you’ll find the planters very eco-friendly and organic.

These basket planters come in 3 different sizes varying from 13 inches in diameter to 9 inches in diameter. What makes them best is the fact that they are lightweight and recyclable products. If not for plants, you can use it for decoration purposes. These planters come with a plastic coating, so you don’t have to worry about leakages and dirt.

As these planter baskets vary, you can place large to small plants in them. Spider plants and faux plants love to thrive in such planters.


If you are a plant enthusiast and love showcasing them to visitors, there’s nothing better than decorative planters for this purpose. Select any of the best indoor planters and let your guests have a look at your beautiful flowers or plants collection.

We hope this article provides a detailed insight into various decorative indoor planters’ options. Visit our website to read more about plants and planters.

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