10 Best Indoor Terracotta Pots for Your Plants

10 Best Indoor Terracotta Pots for Your Plants

Terracotta is one of the most popular materials for pots and planters. Although terracotta pots have been around us for ages, their popularity has only increased with time. The beautiful reddish-brown earthy color of the pot combined with the green color of the plants is a source of calm and peace for plant lovers. Indoor gardening has become a rising trend in the last few years. Therefore, indoor terracotta pots have become a preferred choice of minimalist and nature lover enthusiasts.

Why are Terracotta Pots Popular?

Terracotta is a popular choice for indoor pots. The beautiful color of the pots makes your house a vintage but cool and stylish look. However, apart from the aesthetics, plant lovers love terracotta pots due to their practical benefits over other materials.

terracotta pots
  • Terracotta is a porous material, and it allows the soil to breathe.
  • The permeable characteristic of terracotta promotes air circulation and water to move quickly through the soil.
  • The water drains faster through the clay base terracotta, hence avoiding the risk of overwatering and saving the plant from root rot.
  • Terracotta pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom. So, you don’t have to worry about your plants getting damaged by excess water.
  • Since it is a natural material, it is environmentally friendly.
  • These pots are affordable, and you can decorate yours indoors without spending much on planters.
  • Terracotta pots can be customized easily, and you can paint them to match your indoor space.

Best Indoor Terracotta Pot Options

Due to the beneficial features of terracotta pots, you should also get your hands on this natural and organic product to ensure your plants’ quick and safe growth. In this article, we have compiled a list of the ten best indoor terracotta pot options so that you can buy them for your plants.

1. Indoor Terracotta Planters with Legs

geometric terracotta indoor pots

The first on the list is this set of 3 highly functional and stylish indoor terracotta pots for plants. These pots are different from the simple and plain plant pots. The geometric design makes them unique and relatively modern. So, you can place them anywhere, and they’ll blend perfectly.

The set consists of three pots of different sizes. The large, medium and small pots are 6″, 5″, and 4″, respectively. Each planter comes with a drainage hole for fast drainage of excess water. Moreover, the pots have an additional dirt mesh as a soil catcher and a silicone plug for easy water management and protecting your home surface.

Since these terracotta pots are made of processed natural clay, it gives better ventilation to your plants. Anyone just starting with planting would love this set of pots. What’s the best part? They come in three beautiful, artistic colors and are perfect for showcasing your plants.


  • Set of 3 pots
  • Functional and stylish
  • The geometric pattern on pots
  • Each pot had three legs
  • It comes with a drainage hole and mesh
  • Silicone plug for easy water management


  • No saucers
  • Not suitable for heavy plants
  • Not lightweight

2. Terracotta Shallow Pots (Set of 4)

Shallow terracotta indoor pots

This set is the best option for you if you are looking for simple and elegant pots at an affordable price. The modern style makes them suitable for your elegant interiors.

The material of these pots is high-grade terracotta clay. These handmade terracotta pots are strong and durable. Moreover, they can be used outdoors as well as they are weather-resistant. The diameter of pots varies from 3.1″ to 6.6″. So, you can place your succulents, cactus, or other small plants in them without worrying about stuffing. Sizes are important as they impact plants’ growth.

Each pot also has a drainage hole with saucers. 4 mesh screens for the inside of each pot are also present to ensure the dirt does not escape from the drain hole. In addition, they come with an under-black pad to protect your indoor surfaces from soil and other materials.

These features are not to miss at a great price of $32.99. If you want to make your space beautiful with these pots, place your order while the stock lasts.


  • Set of 4 pots
  • Shallow pots perfect for succulents
  • Affordable option
  • Strong and weather-resistant
  • It comes with a drainage hole and saucers
  • Mesh and under-black pads are present to protect the surface underneath


  • Not suitable for heavy plants
  • Not suitable for plants that like moist soil

3. Self-Watering Terracotta Pots (Set of 2)

self-watering terracotta pots

Do you forget to water your plants on time? If yes, then these self-watering pots are just for you. These fantastic and multi-functional pots fulfill your plant needs even when you are not around. Due to high water permeability, the inner unglazed terracotta layer pots are used inside glass walls.

The mechanism is simple: you can fill the water in the glass walls, and the terracotta layer will absorb the water and transfer it to the plant. And your plants can thrive for at least ten days without daily care. It is the best choice for people who travel a lot. 4 and 6-inch pots are present in the set, and these sizes can easily carry small plants and herbs. However, these pots cannot accommodate large plants. Moreover, there is no drainage hole.

Overall the pots are convenient and sturdy, so there is no need to worry about their material quality. The minimalist design and cool color make it a perfect gift for any plant lover.


  • Self-watering pots
  • Terracotta layer inside the glass
  • Set of 2 small pots
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Super pretty and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for small plants


  • No drainage hole
  • Risk of overwatering
  • Not suitable for medium or large plants

4. Clay Terracotta Cylinder Pot

terracotta cylinder indoor pot

Are you searching for an elegant and classy pot to showcase your plants? Look no further! This premium cylinder pot will go perfectly with your modern design. This unglazed clay-based terracotta is handcrafted, having a temperature-resistant finishing.

This minimalistic design pot comes in four different colors. So, you can pick the one that fits precisely with your indoors. You can place any medium to large plant in this 10 inches diameter pot. Due to the excellent air circulation, the terracotta provides your plant will flourish within days. The pot also has pre-drilled drainage holes to prevent your plant from overwatering. It’s a perfect addition to your room and office. Moreover, you can give it to your friends as a housewarming gift.


  • Made of unglazed clay-based terracotta
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole
  • Provides good air circulation for plants
  • Perfect gift item


  • No saucer included
  • Risk of damage while delivery

5. Large Ceramic Clay Pots

These pots are best if you want a set of pots to place in each room or place them together for plant presentation. You can place these warm-colored pots anywhere from your office to your kitchen, as they provide an urban look.

Made of top-quality clay and baked at high temperatures, these pots are sturdy and strong. These indoor terracotta pots have drainage holes and a mesh cover, so the soil doesn’t flow out with water. The saucers are present with each pot and can be detached easily.

The size of the pots is perfect for growing small plants like moss, herbs, cactus, and succulents without worrying about root rot or excess water.


  • Made of top-quality clay
  • Sturdy and strong
  • It comes with a drainage hole
  • Each pot has a detachable saucer


  • Heavy
  • Pots are painted in terracotta color, hence less porous than real terracotta

6. Funnel Terracotta Planter with Stand

funnel terracotta pot

This beautiful terracotta pot with a sturdy metal stand has a sleek look and design. Made of organic terracotta, this pot provides the best thriving conditions for your plants. The pot’s diameter is 8 inches, meaning you can place medium to large plants. However, it is also suitable for growing multiple small plants.

The height is 12 inches, plus the metal stand raises your pot above ground level. However, the stand is a bit flimsy. You also get a drainage plate, so the extra water doesn’t ruin the indoors. You can also paint this as it will not affect the functionality of the pot.

Get this unique handcrafted pot and add flair to your house design. Moreover, the customization has made this pot looks modern and stylish. Only a few pieces are left in stock, so place your order before the stock runs out


  • Terracotta pot with metal stand
  • Perfect for medium to large indoor plants
  • It has a drainage hole and comes with a drainage plate


  • The iron stand is flimsy.
  • Water does not distribute equally due to the shape of the planter. 

7. Terracotta Plants Pots (Set of 4)

Terracotta indoor pots

This simple and elegant set of 4 terracotta pots tops the list of indoor terracotta pots. You can place each separately anywhere indoors, and it’ll bring a unique and urban look.

The material of the pots is high-quality terracotta. The diameter of these pots is 6 inches, while the height is 5.7 inches. Therefore, you can place plants of any size in it without worrying about space.

These pots can be used indoors and outdoors. However, it is recommended to place them indoors due to their beautiful color and versatility. This set of pots is very durable and crack-resistant. It is lightweight, but your plants will not trip over it when placed in it, so don’t worry about that. The pots also have drainage holes and saucers to carry the plant dirt.


  • Water absorbant
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Most suitable indoors
  • It has a drainage hole and comes with a saucer


  • These are not total terracotta. 

8. Matt Black Terracotta Pots (Set of two)

These strong and durable pots in black color look excellent. With the diameter varying from 7.0 to 5.75 inches and 6.75 in height, these indoor terracotta pots are the choice of many. The size and the color are beautiful and make your lush green plant more prominent. Plants love terracotta, especially those that need less moisture and more air for proper growth.

These pots come with elegant saucers that weigh 2.8 lbs only. The saucers ensure no dirt is left indoors and the surface remains clean. If you love artistic products, consider these solid black-colored pots on your canvas and spread colors on them.


  • Sturdy and chic pots
  • Strong and durable
  • It has a drainage hole and comes with a saucer


  • Risk of cracks during delivery

9. Terracotta Pots with Saucers

terracotta pots with saucers

If you are looking for multiple indoor terracotta pots at a reasonable price, then these terracotta pots are perfect for you. These pots are made of top-notch terracotta material heated at 1796°F to give them a crack-resistant surface.

The package includes 12 pieces with pots of 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height and saucers. Thus, pots like snake monstera, spider plant, can pot well in these pots. There are also drainage holes present in each pot for efficient drainage. Place these cute little pots in your kitchen, officer, lounge, and enjoy an organic view.

What makes them stand out among others is that they also passed the 3 feet drop test. So, you know you are getting quality, and your package won’t break during delivery.


  • Strong and durable
  • All pots have a drainage hole and come with a saucer
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • Perfect for medium and large plant


  • Not suitable for very small plants and herbs
  • A bit costly at $46.99

10. Fcati Set of 36 Mini Terracotta Pots

indoor terracotta pots 12 pcs

This set of 36 miniature pots is designed for very small plants like succulents, herbs, and cuttings. If you are a starter in planting, you can use these pots to grow different small plants.

The 2.5 inches diameter of the pots makes them ideal for your office table or kitchen. These are made up of high-quality terracotta and qualify for the 2-meter drop test. So, don’t tense over receiving broken pieces. They also have drainage holes; hence, your plants stay aerated.


  • Set of 12 miniature pots
  • Durable and crack resistant
  • Has a drainage hole
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • Perfect for small plant


  • Does not come with saucers
  • Not suitable for bigger plants


Terracotta Pots offer a natural and smooth look to your indoors. There are multiple Indoor terracotta pots options available in the market. But to help you pick the best one, we have listed the 10 best Terracotta products.

We hope this article is helpful to you in the selection of a perfect clay home for your plant. If you liked this article, please visit our website for more articles.

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