40 Beautiful Types of Snake Plants With Pictures

40 Beautiful Types of Snake Plants With Pictures

Snake Plant, scientifically known as Sansevieria trifasciata, is a succulent native to West Africa. One of the biggest advantages of having a snake plant indoors is that it purifies the air and decreases dust. Moreover, it makes an excellent houseplant for decorative purposes as it has beautiful and attractive foliage. If you plan on buying a snake plant, we have put forward a list of types of snake plants with pictures.

Types of Snake Plants With Pictures, snake plant, indoor plant

How to Care for Snake Plants Indoors?

Snake Plant has easy care and maintenance. When you get a snake plant, it is best to put them in a place where it can get bright sunlight. Sometimes direct sunlight and partial shade are also good for the plant s foliage. 

It is advised to water the plant only fortnightly when about 2 inches of the soil is dry. Snake plant prefers a loose well, draining succulent soil mix. The ideal temperature for Snake Plant is above 50°F.

Types of Snake Plants With Pictures for Indoors

Let’s look at some varieties of snake plants which you can make a part of your living space. We have put forward the best 40 types of snake plants with pictures so you can consider buying some for your home and commercial space.

1- Mother in Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Here is Mother in Law’s Tongue is, which is one of the most common types of snake plant with pictures. It is everyone’s top choice when it comes to indoor gardening. Its leaves are long and slender, with dark green zigzag patterns. The leaves can reach up to 3 feet long in favorable conditions. The plant also produces flowers that resemble lilies. 

2- Cylindrical Snake Plant (Sansevieria cylindrica)

As prominent from its name, the cylindrical snake plant has long cylinder leaves, which look almost unique when they become a part of an indoor space. The leaves grow up to 20-24 inches and resemble a bamboo tree when they reach full height.

3- Bally’s Snake Plant (Sansevieria ballyi)

This type of Snake Plant is on the smaller side of plants, and that’s why it is also called Dwarf Sansevieria. Its leaves are small, with yellow and light green stripes on the green leaves. The whole plant can only grow up to 6 inches tall but can make any indoor space look ravishing.

4- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Twisted Sister”

Its name pretty much tells us what we need to know about this snake plant–its leaves start twisting at the top when they grow completely. The plant looks unique because of its twisted leaves with yellow borders around them. The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. 

5- Sansevieria ‘Golden hahnii’

Golden hahnii is also known as Golden Bird’s Nest. This is also a dwarf cultivator of the snake’s plant, which is popular for the golden, creamy, and yellowish hues on the plant’s foliage. This plant is best for decorative purposes on dining and coffee tables. 

6- Dracaena Pearsonii

Dracaena Pearsonii, also known as Sansevieria desertii is a rare plant with long, narrow, and erect leaves.  The plant looks attractive in any household because of its beautiful foliage and rarity. This plant is also known as Rhinograss plant.

7- Sansevieria Burmanica

The leaves of Sansevieria Burmanica grow in an upward direction and are mostly long and slender. The glass-colored leaves can reach 3 feet in height and grow in a rosette shape with 13 leaves. 

8- Sansevieria francisii

This snake plant has spiral-shaped dark green foliage, with rows of leaves on top of one another. Over the dark green leaves are white vertical stripes, which make the plant unique and attractive. This plant can grow up to 2 feet tall.

9- Sansevieria gracilis

This plant has long, finger-like, pointy leaves, which are the reason for Sansevieria gracilis popularity. The leaves are light green with a white ringed design on them. This is an easy-maintenance plant that is best for homes, offices, and other indoor spaces.

10- Father in Laws Tongue (Dracaena aubrytiana)

It has small glossy leaves with marble-like designs on it with light green hues. This plant grows in an upright direction and looks enchanting at the corners as a decorative plant. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and rarely produces flowers.

11- African Bowstring(Sansevieria hyacinthoides)

African Bowstring is a perennial evergreen plant with medium, light green leaves. It is a shade-tolerant plant that can survive in every type of condition. It is native to South Africa and looks quite perfect in any area of an indoor space.

12- Sansevieria kirkii

This variety of snake plants is quite popular among houseplant owners because of the beautiful foliage of the plant and its easy maintenance and care. It is also known as Pangane Sansevieria. It has long dark green leaves with an intricate yellow or light green pattern on the foliage. 

13- Sansevieria laurentii

This snake plant has long, attractive leaves which can grow up to 30-34 inches. The foliage is dark green, with yellow edges and dark green, almost black stripes. It is best for corner spaces as it instantly fills up wherever it is put.

14- Sansevieria Cleopatra

Cleopatra is also a small snake plant, which can grow up to a height of 10 inches. It has intricate patterns on its dark green leaves, which are worth seeing in any indoor space. 

15- Sansevieria horwood

Sansevieria Horwood is known for its big broad leaves, an eye-catching sight for everyone. The leaves have yellow and light green foliage which becomes narrow a the top and wide towards the bottom. This plant can grow up to 75cm tall and is best for corner spaces.

16- Sansevieria parva

Sansevieria parva, also known as Kenya Hyacinth, is also a type of snake plant that is known for its long and narrow leaves. It can grow up to 12-20 inches in height, creating a beautiful rosette shape in its container. It is best used for decorative and landscaping purposes. On rare occasions, it also produces flowers.

17- Dracaena pinguicula

It is also known as Walking Sansevieria and is native to Kenya, where it grows on the driest of lands. It is a slow grower plant with thick green leaves with pointed tips. This plant is easy to take care of and requires no extra maintenance. It is best for window sills and table tops and is one of the unique types of snake plants with pictures.

18- Sansevieria ‘Futura robusta’

This variety of snake plants has large board leaves, which look compelling in any indoor space. It has silvery-green foliage with dark green stripes on it. The plant grows in a rosette shape and is native to Africa and Madagascar. 

19- Dracaena longiflora

It is a perennial plant that is native to Africa. It has smooth dark green leaves with curvy edges. The leaves have an intricate pattern in light yellow and white. The plant can grow up to 3-4 feet tall and produces stunning flowers in summer every year.

20- Dracaena Liberica

Types of Snake Plants With Pictures, snake plant, indoor plant

This variety of snake plants is unique and rare because of its foliage and ornamental value. It is an evergreen plant with bright green broad leaves, which make the indoor space alive with its beautiful presence. It can grow up to 3-4 feet tall.

21- Sansevieria suffruticosa

Native to Eastern Africa, Sansevieria suffruticosa is a popular houseplant that can survive in almost any condition. Its leaves are slightly arched and thick and look attractive in any office and house space.

22- Dracaena Concinna

This variety of snake plant is known for its simple but decent appearance. The leaves are olive green and have a spoon-like shape. This plant is a slow grower and only reaches 1-1.5 feet when matured. It is best to keep this plant in bright sunlight for its proper growth.

23- Sansevieria masoniana

Sansevieria masoniana is a semi-succulent plant that has attractive green foliage with light yellow hues on them. It is also known as Mason’s Congo sansevieria, a variegated variety of Whale Fin’s snake plant. What do you think of these types of snake plants with pictures?

24- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Black Gold’

Black Gold has golden edges on bright green leaves, which make them one of the most attractive snake plants. It has dark green leaves with yellow borders, which look attractive at any place.

25- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Bantel’s Sensation’

It is also referred to as White Snake Plant too because of the white lines which are a part of its bright green foliage. The leaves are long and narrow, and the whole plant can grow up to 3 feet tall. It is the best addition to any indoor space because of its chic and elegant look.

26- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Black Coral’

Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Black Coral’ almost looks like Mother in Law’s tongue, but it is a gothic version. It has long, upright dark green leaves with black spots on them. This foliage makes this snake plant attractive and a must-have to make your place look exquisite. It is native to West Africa and can grow up to 3 feet tall. 

27- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Futura Superba’

This plant only grows up to 15 inches and has a rosette growth. The plant only has 3-4 leaves which are green with hues of yellow and white colors on it. It is an easy maintenance plant as it tends to become a part of any indoor space easily.

28- Dracaena hanningtonii

Dracaena hanningtonii is also known as Dwarf Samurai and is native to Africa and Asia. It is a glowering snake plant with thick, pointed leaves that form a fan shape when grown in clusters. It can grow is to 5 feet tall and produces white tabular-shaped flowers.

29- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii Jade’

This plant is the most attractive type of Dracaena hahnii. It consists of glossy bright green and jade-colored leaves which grow in a rosette shape. It has a nice compact size, making it a popular plant for decorative purposes, as it is also a natural air freshener.

30- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii Compacta’

It is a variegated form of dracaena laurentii which is also known as dwarf laurentii. It consists of long sword-shaped leaves with yellow borders around its leaves.The plant can grow up to 30 cm in height and can be grown in any space because it tends to adapt to any environment. 

31- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’

This plant is named after its foliage, which is light green and almost looks silvery. The leaves grow almost white but become silvery gray when they are matured. The leaves are broad and has medium in length, and the plant can grow up to 2 feet tall. It is best to keep this plant in bright indirect sunlight to preserve the natural color of its leaves.

32- Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Whitney’

This variety of snake plants is best for colder environments. It has breathtaking foliage, with 4-5 bright green leaves and intricate white patterns. The plant can grow up to 16 inches tall in an inverted triangular shape.

33- Dracaena Canaliculata

Also known as Yoat’s Horn, Dracaena Canaliculata is a hard-to-find snake plant, even though it’s not much rare. The reason could be the popular demand for this plant as it has unique and attractive foliage, which every plant lover wants in their home. This plant has long slender leaves and can grow up to 3 feet in height. 

34- Dracaena trifasciata ‘Silver Queen’

Silver Queen Dracaena has silvery, light green foliage with sword-shaped glowy leaves, which make any indoor space look modern. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and is the perfect exotic plant because of its attractive foliage.

35- Dracaena aubrytiana ‘sayuri’

This plant is a hybrid of Dracaena Cylindrica and Dracaena Gabriella. It is sometimes referred to as Silver Dracaena because of its silver foliage. Its leaves are cylindrical and long, with green and silver parallel lines. It can grow up to 1.5 feet tall and is best for corner spaces.

36- Dracaena trifasciata ‘Golden Flame’

It can grow up to 18 inches tall in an upward direction. It has dark green foliage on one side and yellow on the downside of its leaves, hence its name–Golden Flame. The leaves are long with pointed tips, and the plant looks amazing in corner spaces indoors.

37- Dracaena Cylindrica ‘Boncel’

It is also known as Starfish Snake Plant because of its appearance. It has thick green leaves with grayish horizontal patterns, which grow in a rosette shape. The plant can grow up to 1 foot tall and sometimes blooms white and pinkish flowers under favorable conditions. It is one of the most wonderful types of snake plants with pictures.

38- Dracaena Metallica

This type of snake plan is also known as Metallica Siam Silver, all because of its beautiful silvery gray leaves. It is one of the rarest snake plants and it also produces flowers with a sweet sense. This plant looks almost perfect on tables and corner spaces. It also produces berries on some occasions.

39- Dracaena bacularis ‘Fernwood mikado’

Fernwood Mikado is a hybrid of Dracaena Suffructicsa and Dracaena Parva. It has narrow cylindrical shaped leaves with yellowish stripes on them. Mikado can grow up to 3 feet tall and sometimes produces flowers too. It is an evergreen plant whose foliage changes as it matures.

40- Sansevieria zeylanica

Also known as Dracaena zeylacia, this variety of snake plants is gorgeous with its straight upright leaves, which have dark green foliage. The leaves are adorned with light green stripes which go around the whole leaves. The plant can grow up to 3 feet tall and looks stunning as a tabletop plant indoors.

Final Words

Now that you have taken a look at different types of snake plants, which one seems the best option for you? We are sure that these types of snake plants with pictures are making you tempted enough to make one of them a part of your home.

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