Best Plants for Office Desk With No Windows

Best Plants for Office Desk With No Windows

When you work in an office, there is always a need to make the working space tolerable and comfortable as much as possible. Hence, an indoor plant works best as it can look pretty on your office table while you work. And if you work in a room with no window, you must look for plants that don’t require sunlight. So, if you are out for a hunt for the best plants for office desk with no windows, you seem to come to the right place. This article is all you need to get yourself a plant for your windowless office.

best plants for office desk with no windows

25 Plants Which Are Best for Offices With no Windows

We have put forward the top 25 indoor plants which can survive in a windowless room and are best for office desks. Let’s take a look at them.

1- ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require much light for its growth. It has dark green average-sized leaves, which make the office table look more alive with their presence. It is the type of plant that can survive weeks without watering. So if you are someone who forgets to water the plants, ZZ Plant will be best for your office table.

2- Snake Plant

Snake Plant knows how to survive in tough conditions, and that’s the reason it should be one of your top choices when it comes to buying a plant for your office table. One thing to make sure of before buying a snake plant is that it shouldn’t be a cultivator, as they tend to grow many feet tall. It is truly a gorgeous plant with hues of yellow and white on its leaves. Some snake plants also have yellow borders on their leaves, which immediately make any commercial space more bright. 

3- Pothos

Even though Pothos is a vining plant, it can still work best on an office desk. It is also known as Devil’s Ivy and doesn’t need bright light conditions to thrive. It has beautiful heart-shaped leaves which scatter around the space as the vine gets long. You can let its vines hang down from your desk, which will surely make the space a bit creative and lively. 

4- Prayer Plant

When it comes to looking for a plant that can add more color to an office, Prayer Plant always gets recognized for being one of the most attractive tabletop plants for offices. It has dark leaves with bright red veins, which serve the purpose of transforming a commercial space into a comfort zone. On top of that, Prayer Plant can survive in low light conditions. However, it needs humidity to survive. 

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5- Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is undoubtedly one of the most attractive houseplant out there. Even though it tends to grow slightly bigger, it can still adapt to a small office space and works perfectly on an office desk. The greatest thing about Parlor Palm is that it can thrive in low-light conditions. Parlor Palm also purifies the air around it.

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8- Peace Lily

Just like its name, the peace lily can make your working space peaceful if it gets to sit on your office desk. It is a minimal plant with low maintenance needs. This plant also doesn’t like overwatering, so there’s no issue about watering the plant on time and such. Its tilted bright white flowers surely lift up your mood, and its bright green foliage lights up any room the plant is in.

7- Air Plant

Air Plant is a gorgeous addition to your office table in a windowless room because of its unique appearance. This plant doesn’t need soil to grow and gets all of its nutrients from the air. You can put them in a bottle or jar, and they easily grow without much effort. Air Plant is also well known for its low maintenance needs.

8- Monstera

Monstera do love bright light conditions, but it can survive in low light conditions too. The only difference it makes is in its growth, which is a great thing if it is going to be used as an office desk plant in a small space. Monstera is a popular houseplant whose leaves are known for its wide-hole formations. 

9- Philodendrons

Philodendrons are one of the most common plants which are best for indoor spaces like offices and houses. They are available in different types, and each type is known for its beautiful and attractive foliage. Philodendrons look exquisite standing on the office table and do well in almost every kind of environment. It is surely one of the best plants for office desk with no windows.

10- Rubber Plant

The rubber fig or Rubber plant is known for its dark green shiny, oval-shaped foliage, which is best for offices and other spaces. The plant does well in windowless rooms because of its low maintenance needs. It is surely an attractive plant that should be a part of your office desk.

11- English Ivy

English Ivy loves shade and looks aesthetically pleasing sitting on an office desk. It is a climbing plant, but you can easily arrange it around your desk and make it look pleasing for everybody to see. English Ivy is a low-maintenance plant that pretty much grows on its own without much attention.

12- Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant is a stunning addition to your office desk, especially because of its bright green foliage and heart-shaped leaves. It is among the best plants for office desk with no windows, where there is no sunlight. However, it does like moisture and wants to be misted at least twice a week. It can easily make any office desk look lively and aesthetically pleasing.

13- Peperomia

Looking for a plant with luscious and waxy green foliage to immediately brighten up your day as soon as you enter your office? There is no plant as perfect as Peperomia for you to get. Peperomia doesn’t like sunlight and survives happily in dark rooms where they are no windows. Just place it anywhere on your office desk and get to work because this indoor plant will surely add colors to your desk and lift up your spirits for the day ahead of you.

14- Spider Plant

Spider Plant is known for its long narrow light green leaves, which spread in a downward direction. It is best to put Spider Plant in a colorful pot so its green and white leaves can look prominent. It is a low maintenance plant which is best for office desk in a room with no windows. This plant can also survive with less watering.

15- Aloe Vera

Next on the list of best plants for office desk with no windows is Aloe Vera. It is an easy-to-grow plant that can survive in the shade. You can keep it on your office desk because it can look unique in a commercial setting rather than in a home. Aloe Vera offers several benefits, and you give yourself a  little pampering by using Aloe Vera Gel. Do remember to water it regularly.

16- Jade Plant

You can add a touch of something different to your office table with Jade plant. It looks amazing perched up on a table because of its beautiful and attractive small oval-shaped leaves. A little fun fact about Jade Plant is that it is considered a sign of good luck, which you may need while working in an office. Jade Plant works well in a windowless room but a little fluorescent light here and there is important for it. 

17- Money Tree

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A money tree is an attractive indoor plant that can survive in every environment. It is a vining plant with bright green foliage, and it can grow in water alone too. It is best to place stones at the bottom of the plant to avoid many problems. A money plant is a low-maintenance plant that can revive even after continuous neglect from the owner.

18-  Aglaonema

Also known as Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema is the best plant for a windowless room as it loves low light conditions. It is available in many colors, but the most popular is the type that has splashes of pink on its green foliage. This plant looks so unique sitting on an office desk in a room with no windows. It is also a drought-tolerant plant.

19- Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern is a suitable plant for an office that doesn’t have any windows. The plant has small green leaves which look breathtaking, sitting on an office table. One thing to make sure of is that you provide this plant with as much humidity as possible and enough water.

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19- Lucky Bamboo

Adding a bamboo plant to your office desk does feel like a bold move, but it works if you know where to put it so it can look perfect. Lucky Bamboo is best for corner tables with its long bamboo, which loves shade. It is a flowering plant and is known to be a sign of luck in Chinese traditions. Overall, it makes a perfect plant for an office table in a room with no windows.

20- Cast Iron Plant

It’s a cute plant and, just like its name, has the survival instincts of an iron. It has medium-sized glossy lance leaves, which look pretty on an office desk. You do not need to worry about taking care of Cast Iron Plant because it knows how to survive on its own without much care. It is perfect for a windowless room, too, as it can tolerate shade and also knows how to survive in sensitive conditions.

21- Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird Nest’s Fern is an excellent choice for you if you work in a windowless room. It has long, bright green leaves with wavy edges, which are a bit different from any other regular houseplant. Put the plant in an elegant pot and make it a part of your office desk, as it is a beautiful sight to have in your boring office.

22- Bromeliads

If you are looking for a plant that has a bit of colorful foliage, try Bromeliad. It is a breathtakingly beautiful flowering plant with tropical roots. It is one of the best plants for office desk with no windows and works out well with artificial lights. With this plant, you can add a unique look to your office table, all while remaining professional. Make sure to maintain the humidity levels of Bromeliads for its proper growth.

23- Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia is a beautiful plant known for its green leaves with yellow and creamy hues on them. This plant can easily adapt to low light conditions and knows how to survive in a windowless room. It looks professional and unique sitting atop an office desk. But there’s one risk- this plant is poisonous, so beware and do not let it be in contact with a human or animal. 

24- Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus’s leaves resemble a fishbone, hence its name. It is a unique and attractive plant that can be used for decorative purposes on an office table in a windowless room. It does well under fluorescent lights and also blooms white flowers, which brightens up the room. Make sure to keep the plant humid, and all will be well for it and yourself.

25- Rex Begonia

It is also known as Painted Leaf Begonia because of its beautiful leaves, which look like they have been painted in red, maroon, and burgundy. Rex Begonia is an easy to take care of plant which can survive in the shade only if its other needs are being fulfilled. It adds a splash of color to your office desk and makes it less boring for you to work.

Final Words

So above is a list of some of the best plants for office desk with no windows. Now, you have the whole option of choosing a plant for your office interior, which will make the space a little less scary and boring with its presence.

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