6 Amazing Benefits of Terracotta Pots

6 Amazing Benefits of Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are perfect, not because of their vintage, earthy and classy look but because there’s nothing plant friendly than them. They have been around for ages, but their popularity is still rising among plant lovers. These pots are easily available everywhere and so easy to use. There are multiple other benefits that make everybody loves terracotta pots.

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Benefits of Terracotta Pots

We have never seen a plant that does not look happy in Terracotta Pots. Pot any plant in terracotta, and you’ll quickly see it flourishing. Its earthy color, accessibility, and properties make it a desirable pot material for plants. Let’s have a quick look at a few benefits of using Terracotta Pots!

1. Keep Your Plants healthy

Like any other human being, plant health is also very crucial. Imagine placing your baby plant in a pot that doesn’t support healthy growth. Terrifying, no? However, this isn’t the case with terracotta pots. Its porous texture allows smooth water and air flow that help your plant grow and look fresh. The spongy material of the pot quickly absorbs the water and gives passage to air. This prevents root rot in your potted plants and saves your plant from dying.

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Are you worried about the over-watering just like we were? Well, here’s the best feature of terracotta pots. They come with drainage holes that help you remove the excess water within seconds. That’s the reason terracotta pots are widely loved and praised.

2. Blends with Every Space

Just like your favorite denim jacket that literally goes with everything, terracotta pots also perfectly blend with your indoors and outdoors. Whether you have a modern interior or a village-themed exterior, you’ll see terracotta pots complementing the whole space. That’s why everyone loves terracotta pots and their beautiful presence in their garden and lounges.

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3. Cheap Yet Versatile

Another benefit of using terracotta pots is that they are budget-friendly. Imagine getting a product for a few dollars with a handful of qualities. Isn’t it the best thing? The same applies to terracotta pots. They are versatile and plant-loving. They are cheap, so if accidentally they trip over and get damaged, you won’t feel heartbroken. You can again get a new set of these terracotta pots for a few bucks.

4. Easily Reusable

You can also reuse your terracotta pots. Old terracotta pots usually get covered in mud or mold. You can easily reuse them by cleaning and sterilizing the pots. For the white mold growing on terracotta pots, use hydrogen peroxide or bleach; your pots will be as good as new.

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If your terracotta pot has got broken, don’t lose heart. Think of all the other ways you can use these shattered pieces to decorate your home or garden. You can decorate the pots with broken pieces in your next DIY project. Also, terracotta is a perfect porous material for covering the drainage hole so that water can pass, but the soil does not pass through the hole, making your space messy.

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5. Eco-Friendly Option

Although multiple options are available in the market with different plant pot materials, terracotta takes the lead. It is purely made of clay that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. That means the air of your indoors and outdoors will remain fresh and clear, keeping your lungs safe. Make sure you never compromise on your health for the sake of pot style. 

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6. Allows you to be Creative

Terracotta pots are simple and elegant, so you can make them your canvas and turn them into art pieces. Yes, you heard it right. You can decorate your terracotta pot and make the visitor fall in love with them in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at a few of these:

  • Use Paint Sprays:

Do you have a pair of gold or silver spray paint bottles? Then what you are waiting for, grab these bottles and start showing your creativity on your favorite terracotta pots. Carefully spray on all the areas and give an even finish. Wait until the paint dries. Your fancy and shiny pots are ready to bring a new change into your garden.

  • Try Image Paster:

Technology is influencing everything nowadays. It may surprise you, but you can use modern technology to give your terracotta pots a unique look. Use whitewashed and the computer printer to obtain any image on your pots. This way, you can make your terracotta pots different from typical pots.

  • Apply Faux-Stone Spray:

If you are a huge fan of beaches, this one trick is for you. Pick hot glue, Faux-Stone spray, and scallop shells. Use the spray to bring the beach shade, while other materials are used as ornamentals. And Finally! Your beach-themed terracotta pots are ready to beautify your garden or indoors.

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Apart from these, there are various DIYs where you can make something unique and beautiful by utilizing your terracotta pots.

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Terracotta pots never get old due to their elegance and versatility. Their plant-friendly nature is the primary reason why everyone loves terracotta pots. We hope this article provides a detailed insight into the special qualities of terracotta pots.

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