Ceramic Pots for Succulents: 15 Beautiful Options of 2022

Ceramic Pots for Succulents: 15 Beautiful Options of 2022

Over the past few years, succulents have become a growing gardening trend. Succulents have become the most popular indoor plants because they are cute, inexpensive, and low maintenance. Even if you are not an expert in plants, you can have a few of these cute little buddies and start your plant journey. With the increasing popularity of succulents, there has been a rise in the demand for unique and beautiful ceramic pots for succulents.

ceramic pots for succulents

You may have heard succulents are low-maintenance indoor plants. Although they do not require much care, negligence can result in their death. So, to keep your succulents healthy and growing, the first step is to choose the right pot for them.

For succulents, gardeners prefer terracotta pots because this material is very porous and does not retain water. However, ceramic pots are very much in demand because they have a vast variety of cute, unique, and beautiful pots in different designs.

Beautiful Ceramic Pots For Succulents

In this article, we have compiled the 15 best options of ceramic pots for succulents. So you can buy and make your little buddies more attractive.

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1. Minimalistic Succulent Ceramic Pots

These minimalistic pots are made of high-quality ceramic material. The 2.6-inch pots are lightweight and small. So, they are perfect for your succulents and cacti. There are 12 pots in a pack so that you can make your little collection of plants. With a drainage hole and a beautiful wooden tray, this is a practical option for your plants.

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2. Colorful Succulent pots

This set of 6 pots with round shapes and a glazed finishing can be a perfect addition to your indoor setting. Furthermore, the 4 inches size is perfect for small succulents and cacti. The unique design, vibrant colors, a drainage hole, and a bamboo saucer at the bottom for catching excess water make this an ideal set.

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3. Mandala Pattern Succulent pots

These are 3-inch small ceramic planters. The pretty mandala pattern in bright colors makes these pots very attractive. These small and cute cylinder plant pots are perfect for mini succulents, small cacti, or different herbs. Since the size is only 3 inches, they can fit anywhere. The bamboo trays at the bottom are well made and will keep the surface clean. Moreover, if your friends cherish the tiny plants, you can gift them these pots for succulent plants.

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4. Cute Ceramic Succulent Pots

This set of 5 ceramic pots is fantastic for displaying your succulents and cacti. It is made of sturdy terracotta ceramic with glaze inside and outside. Each pot is 4 inches which is the perfect size for small plants and cuttings. Moreover, the vivid colors make them ideal for your office workstation or windowsill. In addition, the drainage hole and a bottom tray make it more desirable.

tray for succulents, succulents

5. Rectangle Ceramic Container

If you want a cute little succulent arrangement for your bedside table, then this set of rectangular containers is just for you. This 11-inch-long ceramic set is durable with brilliant quality. Decorated with stones and succulents, combined with the white color of the pots will give you peaceful vibes.

blue pottery, pots for succulents, ceramic pots, succulents

6. Blue Clay Planters

It’s a two-pack of ceramic planters. The exquisite design, blue glaze, and unique pattern make these planters worth buying. The size is 6.5 inches, making these pots ideal for succulents and other indoor plants. It is available in 2 colors. Buy this set now and enhance the beauty of your plants. Moreover, this can also be a beautiful gift for any plant lover.

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7. Mini Succulent Pots

Next is this set of 6 hexagonal-shaped minimalistic succulent pots. 2.75 inches in size, they’re small enough to sit on a windowsill but large enough to give the succulents plenty of room to grow. A drainage hole in each pot will keep your plant well-drained. Moreover, your surface will be free from any damage with hexagonal saucers.

8. Abstract Art Plant Pots

abstract art, pots for succulents, ceramic pots, succulents

Set of two creative round ceramic pots for indoor plants, specifically succulents. The pots have hand-drawn crafts on dry adobe with high-temperature paints, so the paint will not faint with time. The glazed finish makes it more attractive. These pots are perfect for indoor succulents and cacti with a size of 4.3 inches and an efficient drainage system.

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9. Cute Animal Succulents pots

If you are looking for adorable but practical pots for your succulents, your search is over. This set of five fine ceramic pots featuring animals is just for you. You will love these pots if you are an avid animal and plant lover. Unique ceramic pots are for you. These adorable planters are made of high-quality porcelain, with glaze on the inside and outside. Each pot is durable and easy to clean with a drainage hole and a rubber plug. You can also give this set to someone as a gift for their succulent plants.

beautiful planter for succulents, indoor planters, rustic planter

10. Rustic Cute Ceramic Pot

These elegant rustic ceramic pots for succulents come in a pack of 6. The circular shape of pots with bamboo saucers makes them more attractive. The cute pots are ideal for starter seeds and smaller succulents. Get this set and enhance the ambiance of your living space. Also, it can be a wonderful gift for your friends as a housewarming gift.

11. Funny Succulent Planters

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These pots come in a set of two, and each succulent plant pot has a unique and witty tagline like “Grow Dammit.” That makes you chuckle while reminding you so much of moisture and dirt. These 100% glazed ceramic pots are created from natural soil and processed in a hot kiln. Furthermore, each 2.75 inches pot comes with a bottom tray, so your surface remains clean from water and soil. They’re just the right shape and size for succulents and cacti.

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12. Colorful Succulent Planters

These beautiful ceramic pots are perfect for planting small succulents, cacti, or artificial plants. The round shape, vibrant colors, and glazed finish make them traditional but beautiful. Each pot is 4.5 inches small and comes with a drainage hole. If you want to make your space radiant, buy them now. Also, it makes an ideal gift for your plant lover friend.

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13. Hand-painted Succulent Pots

This set of 2 pots is made of high-quality ceramic and is ideal for your living room or bedside table. Each pot is hand-painted with concave blue and white design. Also, the size of these pots is 4+5 inches making them perfect for your cute little succulents. With their gleaming surface, these pots make the house look adorable. Therefore, get these minimalist chic pots and enhance the beauty of your succulents.

planters, indoor plants

14. Owl Ceramic Succulent Pots

This adorable set of owl pots can be a cute little addition to your succulent collection. There are 12 pots in a set. These brownish-white succulent pots are constructed of ceramic material. Since they are baked at high temperatures, making them durable and solid enough to resist fading and corroding. They have a small drain hole. These 12 pots are approximately 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 2.5″.

15. Ceramic Polished Pots 

This beautiful set includes two unique ceramic pots with a peach hue color. You will love its shiny look as it’s made of lustrous ceramic. They have a contemporary design and come with drain holes. The round form is perfect for succulents. One is 6,” and the other is 5″. Therefore, this set is appropriate for orchids, cactus, other flowers, green plants, and succulents.

How to Choose Pots for Succulents?

Buying a pot for succulents is different from buying planters for other plants. You must consider a few things while choosing the right pot for succulents. Here are these things:

  1. Drainage Hole

Succulents like dry soil. They can go days without water or even weeks in the winter season. Always buy a pot with a drainage hole for your succulents. Improper water intake can result in the succulents’ yellow or mushy appearance. Moreover, overwatering can lead to root rot in plants. So, ensure the fancy pot you’ve just bought has an efficient drainage system. 

You can also plant your succulents in pots without drainage holes to make your cute succulent gardens. However, in that case, you must add a different potting mix that can work well in draining excess moisture. Or you can make a hole in the pot with no drainage using a drill machine.

  1. Material

The next step is the choose the material of the pot that is suitable for succulents. Succulents love to thrive in ceramic and terracotta pots. Both materials are breathable, so your succulents will get proper airflow. This circulation of air will keep them fresh and also helps in removing the effect of over-watering. So, select a pot made of any of these materials for succulents. 

  1. Size

If you think placing your succulents in a huge pot benefits them, you are wrong. Succulents usually don’t show healthy growth in pots that are too big or small. So, select the pot that offers only one to two inches of extra space. You will see your succulents flourishing in this size of pots.


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