What is The Best Time to Water Indoor Plants? Plant Care Tips

What is The Best Time to Water Indoor Plants? Plant Care Tips

Gardening is a joyous activity for plant-loving people. However, your sensational attachment to your plant demands proper plant care. If you are a newbie with plants, you need a guide to give them proper care. Watering the plants is the most critical factor in plant care that can determine whether the plant will grow or not. A simple question may arise in every beginner’s mind “What exactly is the best time to water my indoor plants?”

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The watering method and routine are different for indoor plants compared to outdoor plants. Outdoor plants are fortunate to have Mother Nature in the form of rain whenever they need water. On the contrary, indoor plants demand special care, just like a baby. Although they don’t require frequent watering, proper timing is compulsory for their healthy growth. Being a busy bee, it is tough to handle many plants. Watering your plants properly is the key to making them happy and yourself satisfied.

Let’s start with the necessary plant help that you should do!

There is nothing to worry about being a beginner. We are here to give you the best plant watering guide, tips, and tricks to check when you should water your plant.

Why Do I Need To Water My Plants?

Water is important for the growth and survival of plants. When we water the plants, it carries the essential nutrients from the soil to the roots and the other parts of the plants. Since too much or too less, both conditions are not in favor of the plant’s health. Therefore, watering needs to be monitored.

When plants do not get enough water, the leaves become crisp, and their edges turn brown. Moreover, less water also leads to the slow growth of the plant. On the other hand, If we overwater the plant, the leaves turn soft and limp. Also, it can cause root rot in the plant, ultimately causing the death of the plant. Therefore, sufficient watering is really important for the plant to thrive.

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What is The Best Time to Water Your Indoor Plants?

Every gardener wants their plants to thrive and look their best. And yet sometimes, it can be hard to know the right thing to do to keep your plants looking their best.

Every plant parent wants their plants to survive and thrive. You can water the plants according to your convenience, but when you water at the time that is best for your indoor plants, it can make all the difference to the plant. The time when the rays of the sun meet the earth during the cool hours of the morning is the best for watering. “Morning” is the appropriate time to water indoor plants. There are many reasons for choosing this time period for watering:

  • The Morning-plant-watering is necessary for the plant to meet its whole-day moisture requirement.
  • Watering the plants in the morning helps them in their food-preparing process of photosynthesis.
  • Since plants require water for food preparation, watering in the morning helps compensate for the food crisis of the plant.
  • Morning watering helps the plant in tolerating the peak heat hours.
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Photosynthesis is the process of preparing plant food. This food preparation procedure requires two basic things, sunlight and water. When your indoor plant is watered at the appropriate time, it can capture sunlight and prepare its food anytime during the sunny hours of the day. Providing water to the plants in the early hours helps them meet their whole day’s nutritional needs. 

Is Punctuality Good for Watering Indoor Plant?

Every plant does not require frequent watering, but it is not crucial to water your plant according to a fixed schedule. Although it is necessary to water the plant according to its need, watering daily can become disastrous for your baby plant. Excess watering is unhealthy for the plants. Overwatering can cause severe damage to the roots of the plant. It does more harm than good to the indoor plant.

The best way to water your plant is when the soil is dry. Always use your index finger analysis to check whether the soil is dry. If the soil is dry, let the plant take in moisture with your provided water, but don’t go for unnecessary watering if the soil is not dry.

Watering Tip: Poke your finger 2-3 inches into the soil. If you feel dampness don’t water the plant. If the soil is dry, it is time to water the plant

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The watering needs of a plant vary in different seasons, and it depends upon the following factors:

  • Humidity in the air
  • Plant’s contact with the sunlight
  • The seasonal time of the year
  • The density of the soil

So while watering your plants and choosing the best time to water indoor plants, always check the outside condition because even if your plant is indoor, the outdoor conditions always matter.

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Can I Water My Plants in The Evening?

Although morning is the best time to water your indoor plants, you can water them anytime if they give signals of being underwater. Evening time is also preferable and time when you have free hours. Always ensure you water your plant before it becomes wilted or dry. Rather than waiting for the best time, give them after whenever required regardless of the time of the day.

However, while watering in the evening, you must be slightly careful. Water only the dry soil and avoid watering the leaves. Since indoors, the ventilation is not sufficient, and if the foliage remains wet, it can make leaves more prone to fungal and bacterial diseases.

To avoid these problems, you can open a window near your plants for ventilation. You can also turn on a fan which can help in improving ventilation.

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How Do You Know Your Plant Needs Water?

The plants cannot speak, but true plant lovers can understand the untold language of their baby plant. Your plant will always give you clues when it needs water.

  • First of all, the soil of the plant becomes dry. It indicates that your baby plant is deprived of water, which has become important for the soil. Try to check the soil of the plant at least once a week.
  • The leaves start to wilt, and they will look dry and crisp.
  • Another sign is that the leaves start to change color, and the tips of the leaves become brown and look burned.

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How Often Should I Water My Indoor Plants?

For watering, you need to monitor your indoor plant. If you feel the soil is dry enough, give the plant a thorough watering. Indoor plants can go a whole week without water if they have a thorough watering.

It is usually discouraged to frequently water plants in small amounts as it does not allow the plant to develop a deep and robust root system. Most indoors need water every 1-3 weeks but make sure to give your plant a good watering so that all the soil becomes wet and water drains out from the drainage holes.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Watering:

Certain do’s, and don’ts of watering your indoor plants will help your plant to thrive.

  1. Do water the plants in the morning.
  2. Do provide proper ventilation while watering in the evening.
  3. Do water plants at the soil level.
  4. Do check moisture levels.
  5. Do use a watering can for indoor plants.
  6. Do choose the right well-draining soil.
  7. Do water less in winter and more in spring.
  1. Don’t overwater.
  2. Don’t water too frequently or too little.
  3. Don’t water the leaves when watering in the evening.
  4. Don’t put houseplants in pots without drainage holes.
  5. Don’t use a potting mix that’s overly water-retentive
  6. Don’t put your plant at a height that it cannot be accessed easily.
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Final Thoughts

The baby plants always look for your care. The maximum care that you can provide to your plant, being a plant lover, is watering it regularly. The morning is the best time to water indoor plants. Moreover, you can water your plant whenever you have time.

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