10 Best Indoor Self-watering Pots for Your Plants 

10 Best Indoor Self-watering Pots for Your Plants 

Are you tired of the heartache you feel on your plant death every time you go on vacation? Do you have no friendly neighbors who can care for the indoor plants in your absence? Worry no more, because technology has solved your problem. Now, self-watering pots for indoor plants available in the market provide your plants with adequate water whenever they need it. 

Indoor self-watering pots

How do Self-watering Pots Work?

Every self-watering pot has the same basic elements

  • The wick of the capillary system in the inner pot
  • Water reservoir
  • A medium like potting soil
  • A growing bed that accommodates the plant

There are two types of designs that are usually present in the market.

  1. A wick made of any absorbent material is present inside the inner container. The other end of the wick is in the outer reservoir containing water. Water is absorbed from one end of the wick to the other end in the soil. Hence the moisture travels through the soil through capillary action.
self-watering pots, capillary action
  1. In the second design, the inner container has legs with holes. The legs touch the outer container with water. The soil in the legs gets wet with constant contact with water hence transferring moisture to the plant.
self-watering pot, how self-watering pot works?

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Self-Watering Pots Options for Indoor Plants 

If you need suggestions about which self-watering pot you should buy, we are here to help. This article will focus on the details of the top 10 best self-watering planters for indoor plants. So, let’s dig further!

1. 7 Inch Indoor Self-Watering Flower Pot

Say Goodbye to over and under watering with this perfect 7 inches self-watering pot. The solid white color and high-quality plastic make it a perfect product to place indoors. So, you can beautify your study, kitchen, or bedroom with this cute planter. 

The construction of this planter is just like other self-watering planters. When the outer pot is fully loaded, the water can stay in it for up to 2 weeks. There is also a water inlet that removes excess water and moisture. So, the soil stays dry, saving your precious plant from insects and root rot.

The material used in its manufacturing is treated at high temperatures and is recyclable. Thus, you can place new plants in it too. Small plants and herbs love their growth time in this planter. The best part? It is available in two solid colors: grey and white. And both these colors blend perfectly with your indoors.

Indoor self-watering pots, indoor planter, flower pot

7-inch Self-watering Flower Pot (Pack of 6)

  • Set of 6 pots
  • Made of high-quality recycled material 
  • Can work for 1-2 weeks with a full reservoir
  • It comes with a water indicator level

2. Indoor Self-Watering Pots with Drainage Holes

If you are looking for something classy to enhance the beauty of your space, this set of 5 self-watering indoor pots is best. These pots’ aesthetic and smooth matte finish make them perfect for your home and office.

The material of these pots is pure eco-friendly plastic that keeps the environment safe and fresh. Although they are made of plastic but don’t look cheap; rather give a sleek look. Each pot comes with a saucer at the bottom that provides your plant with water when you are out.

There are multiple drainage holes present in these planters to prevent overwatering. The drainage holes combine with a watering lip to improve the air circulation system of the plant, keeping it healthy and safe from root rot. Furthermore, an outer lip extension is designed for adding water without lifting the pot from the bottom.

Indoor self-watering pots, indoor planter, flower pot

Self-watering Plant Pots (Set of 5)

  • Set of 5 pots
  • Made of plastic
  • Strong and weather-resistant
  • A watering slit for adding water without lifting the pot
  • It comes with a drainage hole and saucers

3. Ceramic Auto Adjust Watering Pot

This fantastic product from Urban Leaf is next on the list of 10 best self-watering pots for indoor plants. Instead of using a fabric wick to keep your baby plants hydrated, this bright planter has porous ceramic walls that promote water transfer. The plant roots draw water whenever they feel dry.  

It has two layers: the ceramic pot holding the plant and potting mix and the outer opaque plastic layer accommodating water. Only 1 cup of water is enough in this water reservoir and lasts for one week. However, it is suitable for all types of herbs and small plants.The best factor? You can also mount it on the wall without worrying about your plants taking extra space. 

If you are worried about over-watering, don’t be because plants know their water needs and suck the needed water. That’s in their nature, which also makes the planter unique. The material used in its manufacturing can withstand all environmental changes easily.

indoor planter, flower pot, auto adjust plant pot

Auto Adjust Plants Pots (Set of 5)

  • Set of 5 pots
  • Durable ceramic material
  • Auto adjust watering for optimal hydration
  • Translucent reservoir
  • Strong and weather-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

4. Self-Watering Terracotta Planter

When selecting the best pot for your plants, there’s nothing better than terracotta pots. This self-watering pot has an outer container for holding water made of glass. While the inner container with plants and soil is made of unglazed terracotta. 

Moreover, the pots have a 6.0″ outer diameter and 4.7″ inner diameter, respectively, with a height of 6.5 inches. These measurements make it an ideal planter for all types of plants. You can also use it as a garden for small plants. There are no drainage holes, meaning no water loss or dirt damaging your indoors. 

The usage of this self-watering pot is very easy. Fill the outer pot with ⅓ of water and be carefree for one week. The inner terracotta pot is porous and drains water from the water reservoir. You don’t have to worry about over or under-watering as the plants will soak only the needed quantity. Sounds impressive, right?

terracotta pot, self sufficient pot, Indoor self-watering pots, indoor planter, flower pot

Self-Watering Terracotta Planter (6-inch)

  • Breathable terracotta inner pot
  • Clear glass outer container.
  • Water is sufficient for 1-2 weeks.
  • Easy usage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • No drainage hole hence no dirt on your indoor surface

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5. Self-watering Indoor Pots with Coco Coir

Tired of dealing with fragile and heavy planters which get damaged quickly? Don’t worry; this set of great self-watering indoor pots is purely made of propylene and is unbreakable. Hence, you don’t need to worry about extra weight and leakages all over your space.

This modern planter offers an inner pot with legs that elevate your plant and prevent it from extra watering. Plants drain water through the legs of the inner pot whenever they need it. Once you’ve filled the water reservoir, there is no need to refill it for over ten days. The most exciting feature of this planter is a water level indicator that tells you about the low water level. So, you can refill it and save your plant from drying.

You also get a pellet of highly nutritional Coco mix with this pot that enhances the growth of your plants. There are multiple color options available to choose from. Thus, choose the one that perfectly blends with the theme of your indoors.

pot with water level indicator, indoor pots, self-watering planters

Self-Watering Pots with Coco Coir (Pack of 3)

  • Pack of 3
  • Made of propylene
  • Unbreakable material
  • The inner pot has legs that prevent extra watering
  • It comes with a water level indicator
  • Additional pellets of cocopeat
  • Various color options

6. Self-watering Pots with Clear Wick

This is another great option for self-watering indoor potsThis planter package includes two pots with a diameter of 4 inches and a height of 4.7 inches each. Each pot has 2 containers and a wick. The outer pot is transparent, whereas the inner pot is made of thick, sturdy material. The plant absorbs water through the wick attached to the inner container.

As the planters have a beautiful and stylish design, you can use them as decorative planters too. Placing it in your office or bedroom brings a distinct look to them. These planters also have drainage holes preventing over-watering and keeping your plants fresh. Overall, the material is sturdy and lightweight. So, don’t wait; get your hands on this excellent pair of planters.

self-watering planters, indoor planters,

4-inch Self-Watering Pots (Pack of 2)

  • Pack of 2
  • Sturdy and lightweight material
  • Clear glass outer container.
  • Solid inner container
  • Wick system for self-watering
  • A drainage hole is present to prevent overwatering.

7. Self-watering Planters with Drainage Holes

If you are looking for planters that can bring a minimalist touch to your indoors, then these self-watering planters are best for you. Made of thick polypropylene, these planters are sturdy but lightweight.

Moreover, these planters have a detachable saucer that serves as a water reservoir and provides water to the plant when needed. An absorbent rope delivers an adequate quantity of water to the plants. The plant pots have mesh drainage holes that help in efficient water draining. Also, the overall air circulation improves, providing your plants with a good quantity of oxygen for healthy growth. 

You also get a removable water lip that offers two ways to pour water. Either add water from the bottom of the top through the water lip. These pots are available in 7 beautiful colors, so you can choose the color that goes with your interior. 

Self watering container, indoor planters.

9-inch Self-watering planters (Pack of 2)

  • Pack of 2
  • Sturdy and lightweight material
  • Comes with a detachable saucer that acts as a water reservoir
  • Mesh drainage holes
  • An absorbent rope for delivering water to the plant
  • Available in 7 colors

8. Indoor Pots with Cotton Wick

This option is perfect if you are looking for adorable self-watering indoor pots. This set includes 4 pots made of plastic and ceramics, each having a cotton wick.

The working of this planter is simple and easy. The water reservoir at the bottom supplies water to the plant using a cotton rope. Whereas the premium quality ceramic material protects the planter against scratches and other damages. 

The transparent outlook makes it easy to determine the water level and pour more if needed. Placing your lush green plants in this fine flower pot makes the pot look stylish and pleasant. As the outer pot material is scratch-resistant, you can put it outdoors too. However, it is highly recommended to place it indoors.

wicking self watering planter, indoor pot with flowers

5-inch Self-watering Pots (Pack of 4)

  • Set of 4
  • Affordable
  • Made of ceramic and plastic
  • Premium quality
  • Scratch-resistant outer ceramic pot
  • Transparent water reservoir to determine the water level

9. Terracotta Planters with Glass Cylinder Glass

We’ve listed another highly functional terracotta planter in the list of top 10 best self-watering planters for indoor plants. Made of glass and terracotta, this planter has a height of 3.9 inches and a diameter of 4 inches.

Pour water in the outer glass container. As the inner terracotta pot is quite porous, without any drainage hole, the water will be absorbed by the terracotta pot. Then it will be delivered to the potting mix, providing moisture to the soil. This saves your plant from over and under-watering. Moreover, this chic and modern planter is favorable for plants that dry quickly.

There’s no assembly required; take the planter out of the package and place the plant in it. Get this amazing set before it runs out of stock.

terracotta planter, terracotta pot self watering, indoor pots

4-inch Terracotta Planter (Pack of 3)

  • Set of 3
  • Chic and modern design
  • Made of glass and terracotta
  • No drainage hole
  • Moisture is absorbed by terracotta and transferred to potting mix

10. Self-watering Planter with Water Level Gauge

If you are starting out with planting, consider buying this pack of 3 self-watering planters. The benefit of these planters is that you don’t have to water the plant for weeks. So, even if you forget to water your cute little herbs or succulents, these planters will save you from the heartbreak of ending up with dead plants.

These planters function like other self-watering planters and have two pots: an outer pot for water storage and an inner pot for carrying soil mix and plants. A water level indicator also alarms you every time the water is less than the required quantity. You will also see a small injection port for easy and quick water pouring. Small plants like herbs, seedlings, African violets, and succulents love these stylish and roomy pots. 

7-inch Self-Watering Planter (Pack of 3)

  • Set of 3
  • Made of plastic
  • Comes with a water indicator
  • Water transfers through holes in the inner pot
  • Good for small herbs and plants

Buying Guide for Self-Watering Indoor Planters

There are multiple self-watering planters available in the market. So, this wide variety may overwhelm you in selecting the best self-watering planter. That’s where we help you. Here are the things you should consider while buying the best self-watering indoor planters:

1. Go with Quality Material

The material quality is essential to consider when buying self-watering indoor pots. As the plant makes the overall indoor environment suitable, the pot material also impacts the atmosphere. If you choose a planter made up of toxic resins or chemicals, it’ll leave a harmful impact on the surroundings. 

However, if you go with durable and eco-friendly plastic or ceramic, your plants will grow happily, and your indoor air will also remain pure. Also, ensure the material is durable and can easily accommodate the weight of your plants. 

2. Pick the Best Suitable Size for Self-Watering Planter

You should select the planter that meets the needs of your plants. That doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on your favorite self-watering planter just because it’s enormous. Nowadays, manufacturers are making the same planter design in various sizes, so you can choose the one that fits perfectly with your plants. Make sure the planter you’ve bought is not too small and not too large but roomy enough to promote root growth.

3. Check the Size of the Water Reservoir 

The primary thing to check in a self-watering planter is the water reservoir, also known as the outer pot. Each plant has different watering needs, and each planter has a different water storage capacity. So, you need to be very careful with it. 

If the plant needs water less often, go for a planter with a small water reservoir. In contrast, if the plant needs extra water, select a large water reservoir and enjoy your vacation tension free.

Sum Up

Self-watering pots are the need of this busy world as no one wants to see their lush green baby plants dying. These planters free you from the tension of watering your plants every day. If you found this article, visit our website for more articles.

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